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Who we are

Núcleo Publicidad was founded in June 1987.


If we were to define ourselves, we would say that we are a company specialized in Integrated Marketing Communications.

In a setting with highly fragmented and saturated media, it is increasingly indispensable to plan and control all the brands’ Points of Contact with the consumer.

Effectiveness and forcefulness are achieved using these points of contact for the synergistic creation of a unique, memorable and powerful brand image, close to the hearts of consumers.


Operative Principles

Strategy + Creativity

• We believe that sales effectiveness is achieved through a Strategy-oriented stunning creativity.
• We believe that today, long-term strategies have turned into short-time tactics.


• Across all the agency’s areas, we declare war against complexity.
• We avoid any unnecessary in-house processes. We define the tasks as simply as possible, so we can focus on the real job.
• We are convinced that the best Ideas are always linked to a simple concept.

Working methodology

With the client’s Marketing objectives as our point of departure, we develop a Strategy,  based on which we create a “fan” of communication units that “surround” the Target Audience (360º).